Why shop local?

Support the Local Economy
Buying local food and other good helps keep your money right here in west Michigan. The Michigan Department of Agriculture states that if every family in Michigan spent just $10 of their weekly grocery bill on Michigan products, we’d keep $37 million dollars each week in the Michigan economy.

Strengthen Family Farms and Communities
Small, family farms are an endangered American tradition. Buying from these local farmers helps support their livelihood and strengthens communities by boosting the local economy and preserving farm land. Farmers provide beautiful and productive open spaces, generate revenue for local and state taxes, and employ local labor.

Preserve the Environment
On average, food travels 1,500 miles from farm to table, accounts for 50% of the trucks on the interstate system, and consumes great amounts of fossil fuels. Purchasing food that’s closer to home is better for the environment instantly.

Enjoy Improved Taste and Nutrition
Local food is fresher and thus tastes better and can contain more nutritional content. Many fruits and vegetable lose up to 50% of their nutrients in just five days time.

Know Your Farmer
The key to a sustainable food system in West Michigan is the participation of local consumers. It's ultimately up to you to take responsibility for where your food comes from; educate yourself about the issues surrounding modern agriculture and don't be afraid to ask questions when you shop. Farmers who are as concerned about the food system as you are appreciate it.

Source: SelectMichigan.org
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