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BarrieBeau Herb Farm

7023 Alden Nash, SE
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I have been producing for approximately 20 years, 15 as a business.
My philosophy is established on the belief that herbs, flowers command special attention in our daily lives to enhance, soothe and nourish our souls and bring harmony to our homes.

Not certified organic.

I have approximately 3 acres in production with a remaining 9 to be utilized in the future. Land is portioned with separate garden areas.

Year round. I grow as much as possible, harvest and dry to use throughout the winter period.


I make a variety of herbal spa and food products; most all herbal ingredients come from my farm. Some items, including the bottles, are purchased from my sources on the internet or purchased locally such as from Harvest Health or Meijer. All items are made my me on my farm, or, in the case of the food products, made at Facility Kitchens in Lowell.


No. I use organic sustainable methods.

I use compost and animal manure.

Well water.

I have windbreaks on every side of my property.

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