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The Silo Hydro Farm LLC

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New hydroponic farm in Ada, MI. We are committed to providing our community with safe, nutrient-rich, FRESH vegetables and herbs grown in a fully sustainable way.

We grow over 2000 vegetable and herbs in a 30x48 greenhouse utilizing a phenomenal hydroponic vertical grow system made in the USA.

We are 3 season.


A combination of IPM and organic treatments. No harmful pesticides or herbicides.

We use a complete, high quality hydroponic nutrient. It provides the same minerals that plants absorb in the soil, but in an efficient and direct way that that produces healthier plants.

Our hydroponic system is run with our Ph adjusted well water, which is tested annually to drinking water safety standards, not irrigation standards. The design of the system results in virtually no waste of nutrient or water run off.

Hydroponic farms use 80% less water than conventional farming.

Growing hydroponically is very modern and sustainable and has many environmental and social benefits. It reduces strain on our environment by saving a LOT of water and a LOT of land space.

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