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West Michigan Cooperative is the region’s first online farmers market, an innovative way
for local farmers and consumers to stay connect­ed all year long. Formed in the fall of
2006, the Co­op is a non­profit organization providing local farmers within the Grand
Rapids region with another product outlet.

Both selling and shopping with the Co­op is by membership only. There is an annual
membership fee of $35.00 (although new members have a two month free trial period before
their membership fee is due). Click here to read more about membership and shopping.

Our Mission

Strengthening West Michigan’s economy by increasing market opportunities for local
farmers and artisans while providing consum­ers access to their products in a year­round

Our Goals

Supporting Michigan Farmers
The Co­op aims to support local farmers and expand markets for their products. Co­
op producers represent a range of farming practices, conventional to certified organic,
reflecting the true story of Michigan agricul­ture. Ours is not a perfect food system, but
with cooperative members voicing a demand for healthier, more humane food, we believe
we can get there!

Supporting the Local Economy

The Michigan Department of Agriculture reports that if every Michigan household spent
just $10 of their weekly food budget on Michigan made or Michigan grown products,
we would put $37 million per week into our state economy. The Co­op is proud to help
facilitate that effort.


Many Co­op producers use sustainable meth­ods to raise crops and animals – methods
that ensure a secure living for local farmers; maintain the integrity of the environment
and resources; and, offer respect and fair treat­ment to all involved in the food cycle.

Environmental Stewardship

The food in an average meal travels 1,500 miles from farm to table, consuming great
amounts of fossil fuel in the process. Thus, purchasing food grown in our community is
better for the environment instantly.

Organization and Funding

The Co­op is an all volunteer run organiza­tion. It is managed by a board of directors,
management committees, and many monthly volunteers. Click here
to read more about our leadership

Funding for the Co­op’s operations is provided by the annual membership fees paid by
users and producers, and a $surcharge% surcharge on all goods bought and sold.

Technology and Innovation

We like to think that the West Michigan Co­op model combines the best of two worlds:
the convenience of online shopping and the face­to­face meetings between farmers and
shoppers at pick­up nights.

Our founders built the Co­op on an e­commerce model in order to provide a convenient
platform for both our shoppers and our producers. Shoppers find the website convenient
because they can place their order online at their leisure, while researching products
and producers. Producers find the website convenient because the online ordering
system provides them with the ability to plan their inventory and bring only the product
necessary to pick­up night.

The Co­op is viewed as a leader for our innovative approach to connecting farmers and
shoppers, and we’re happy to give back. We have assisted with the establishment of
other online cooperatives around the country, in such places as Ann Arbor and South
Bend, by sharing our open­source website software. And we are often asked to speak to
a wide range of audiences including farmers, school children, and those concerned about
the modern food system.

The Bottom Line

Know Your Farmer

The key to a sustainable food system in West Michigan is the participation of local
consumers. It’s ultimately up to you to take responsibility for where your food comes
from; educate yourself about the issues surrounding modern agriculture and don’t be
afraid to ask questions when you shop. Farmers who are as concerned about the food
system as you are appreciate it.

Guidelines for WmCoop producers